Basic steps in making sand casting

1. Patternmaking. Patterns needed to make molds. The model is made by packing sand around the pattern shape. The model is usually made in two parts so that the pattern can be withdrawn.

- In horizontal shape, the top half is called the tackle, and the bottom half is called drag.

- In vertical shape, the front half of the model is called the swing, and the back half is called the ram.

- When the stock withdrawn from the molding material (sand or other), provides the imprint the pattern of the cavity when the mold parts are brought together. The mold cavity, as well as any internal cores as needed, eventually filled with molten metal to form the solutions.

2. If the casting to be hollow, additional patterns, both boxes as heart, there is a need to shape the sand forms, or cores, is placed in the mold cavity to form the inner surfaces and sometimes also the external surfaces of the solutions. Thus arises the void between the mold and eventually heart of the solutions.

3. shape the operation necessary for mold to prepare for receiving the metal. It consists of ramming sand around the pattern are in support, or flask, removing the pattern, cores set in place, and creating the system of gating / feeding direction of the metal into the cavity mold created by the pattern , by cutting it into the mold by hand or by including it on the pattern, which is most commonly used.

4. Melting and pouring of molten metal preparation processes of appropriate composition and temperature and pouring into the mold from the transfer ladles.

5. Cleaning operations include the need to remove the gates and risers forming the gating system / feeding and use the sand, adhere scale, separation fins, and other foreign material must be removed before the casting ready Another shipment or processing.