Inspection & testing in making sand casting

A sand casting, called casting sand molding, metal casting process characterized by the use of sand as the mold material. It is relatively cheap and relatively even refractory for use steel foundry. A suitable bonding agent (usually clay) or occurs mixed with the sand. The mixture is moistened with water strength and plasticity of the clay to develop and make the aggregate suitable for molding. Can the term “sand casting” also refers to solutions produced by sand casting process. Sand castings produced in specialized factories called foundries.

- A Inspection following, check for faults in solutions as well as solutions tonsure that the dimensions specified on the drawings and / or specifications.

- Inspection for defects can join many internal, depending on the specified quality of the solutions.

- The inspection and acceptance solutions sometimes used as is, but often it is subject to further processing can heat treatment, painting, rust oils preventive, surface treatment (eg, hot-dip galvanizing), and machining including.

- Closing of operations may include electrodeposited metal plated for either cosmetic or operational requirements.