Low pressure sand casting method

The lecture is to set the scene. He plans to answer the questions: what are castings and what makes the industry look like? It is worth spending some time on the initial questions. The first set of figures to give us insight into the many types of castings produced. Could figure image of the industry solutions – from rough iron castings foundry under railway arch. It is true that some of the industries still like this, as in many parts of the engineering profession.

However, elsewhere, the industry into the twentieth century, and are already preparing for the twenty-first! Casting design starts much more modern here, on the computer. The series shows the following figures how the design is built up for inlet manifold. This was a highly successful Rover K series engine, based almost entirely of lightweight aluminum alloy castings produced a Low Pressure Sand (LPS) casting method. This was the first inlet manifold was designed with a wall thickness of 3 mm. Figure the solid model generated on the computer.

The final solution obtained by the designer three months later shown in Figure It can be said that three months to achieve good for casting needs high technical – there were the competitors succeed even after 15 months.