Manufacturing of sand casting core

Core mixture can be mixed in Muller sand or paddle type mixer and in small amounts on the bench manually.

The core is made by ramming the sand into the core box and to the heart of the central plate to bake.

● Cores pasted. Cores can be made in halves and after they are dried, glued together to make the complete heart.

Core Box● A Three Part Core box. This consists of a top, front and back section. The box together and put the top down and clamped. Aries you up, to the central plate, roll over, rap is. Remove the top (which is the negative section in the top of the heart) then remove the most from the core box as you would any simple split box.


This is where the heart is only supported on one end and extends to the end without other support is a good way into the mold cavity.


- chaplets composed of supports or metallic spacers used in mold cores maintain, is not self-supporting, in its correct position during the casting process.

- They are not required when the central print or prints that meet the same pattern.

- The pattern is drilled, chaplet wherever needed. Oven


- The cores are baked to set the binder.

- The normal temperature range for oil cores band 300-450 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike the time required by most of the heart.BALANCE CORE

- Large heart may take several days to bake or might bake little heart out in an hour or less.

- When fully baked oil heart on the outside is a rich dark brown not black or burned. The heart must be cured completely through without any soft centers.

- Another factor related to the time and temperature necessary to properly dry heart, the type and amount of binder used. Require oil binders hotter baking and faster.

- The oven core, which is normally a gas fired oven temperature controls, equipped with shelves on which to fix the plates and central cores for baking.

- Can the heart oven consists of a square or rectangular brick oven doors. The bottom of the oven floor level. The aspirations to racks which, when full, to roll into the oven, shut the oven and baked cores.