Pattern Materia used in metal casting

Patterns may be built from different materials. Each material has its own advantages, limitations, and scope. Some materials used for making patterns: wood, metals and alloys, plastic, plaster of Paris, plastic and rubber, wax and resins. To be suitable for use, should the material pattern to be:

1. easily worked, molded and joined

2. Light weight

3. Strong, durable

4. hard and resistant to wear and abrasion

5. Resistant to corrosion, and chemical reactions

6. dimensionally stable and unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity

7. Available at low cost

- are the usual pattern materials wood, metal, and plastic. The pattern material most commonly used wood, since it is readily available and low weight. Also, it can be shaped easily and is relatively cheap.

- The main disadvantage of wood to absorb the moisture, which can cause distortion and dimensional changes.

- Araldite is a new material for making pattern, which is a reference to a range of engineering and structural epoxy, acrylic, and polyurethane adhesives.