Sand testing of sand casting (4)

7) Shatter Index Test :

In this test, the AFS standard sand specimen is usually rammed by 10 blows and then it is allowed to fall a half inch mesh sieve from a height of 6 feet. The weight of sand retained on the sieve weighing. It then notified as a percentage of the total weight of the specimen is measured on the index shatter.

8) Mold Hardness Test:

The test is performed by mold hardness tester. The work on the tester based on the principle of Brinell hardness testing machine. In AFS hardness tester is a standard half-inch diameter steel ball hemispherical spring loaded with a load of 980 gm. The ball has to do to break into the sand mold or core sand surface. The spot is the point ball into the mold surface shown on dial in thousands of inches. The dial is calibrated to read the mold surface hardness directly ie offering no resistance to the steel ball hardness value would be zero and more rigid model and fully capable to prevent the ball from penetrating steel would hardness value of 100. The gauge can dial the hardness tester to provide direct readings.

9) Compactability flowability :

Compactability test is widely accepted as both a simple and directly related to the transport of sand in shape, especially when associated with compaction squeeze. A fixed amount of loose sand compacted under standard conditions and shows the percentage reduction in the amount of compactability.