Tendency of Sand Molding Process

Products More than 80% of the casting industry are all finished by sand molding process,the casting we usually say is generally refers to the sand casting, namely the sand molding process.

During the Eighth Five-Year , original Electrical and Mechanical Services Department paid high attention to casting,put into special technological transformation loan which was the maximum since the establishment of the nation,gave aid to exploitation and development of casting machinery industry products. Manufacturing of shot blasting machine, the development of the sodium silicate sand and old sand regeneration equipment, permanent sand molding process equipment ,etc , which had been developed and applicated.

sand molding processDuring the Ninth Five-Year,casting industry assumed and finished task of “Rough castings of car refinement efficient styling and Cylinder effective research and development of continuous shot blasting line ” ,it was a complete success.

During the tenth Five-Year,casting industry is the main economic indicators of growth are above 30%, faster than the machine tool industry-wide average level, in particular, profits grew even faster, with an average annual profit growth of up to 46%, while maintaining the high level of marketing. Addition, resin sand casting equipment, basic can meet domestic market needs, production out high level of casting automatically line, reached part alternative imports of level, part of solution had car engine cylinder body, and cylinder head, casting rough also to imports of situation; high automatically business core machine, and automatically casting cleanup machine, and automatically sand processor, and large automatically die-cast machine and precision casting equipment, casting mechanical, domestic basically were can produced ,Should say product level of casting machinery industry during the tenth Five-Year had been greatly improved for the Chinese casting machinery industry in the future .

The passage above talks about tendency of sand molding process.