The Application of Different Foundry Methods

foundry methodsAt present, all kinds of foundry methods in heavy machinery manufacturing and other fields are widely used, such as large machine casting, precision casting, investment casting, centrifugal casting, vacuum vacuum foundry methods.

One of the foundry methods which is widely used in heavy machinery industry is a large machine casting, such as large cylinder of power stations, big wheel of steel ball mill, end cover. They are all cast through the model to ensure the implementation of the large foundry foundry methods.The application of foundry methods will affect the casting properties. Especially in recent decades, the improvement of moulding sand and applications of different core-made methods have a profound effect on the casting performance. In large casting production, the furan resin sand replace the clay sand, reflecting the improvement of request to the precision of casting. When the clay sand mold stay in the drying kiln , there will inevitably be uncertainty during the process.

If using sodium silicate sand for casting, there will be serious shrinkage which may increase the wall thickness of castings and the processing capacity. But the furan resin sand foundry method can avoided those problems. In addition, the chemical hardening sand has good resistance to the pressure generated during pouring and solidification of molten metal. So it can achieve the feederless foundry for large iron castings.