The application of iron and steel foundry industry

This code of practice should provide guidance, in accordance with the provisions of the laws and national regulations, to:
(a) all those government authorities, associations of workers and employers organizations and industry, whether legislative or advisory, whose activities influence the safety, health and welfare of workers in the iron and steel industry;

(b) all persons at the iron- and steel-making facilities, ie employers, persons in control of premises, and workers and contractors, as appropriate to their duties and responsibilities for safety and health;

(c) all operations in the iron and steel industry.

OSH can implement some measures of health and safety to protect workers in the iron and steel industry would be affected, directly or indirectly, on the general environment. This relationship should be taken into account by the competent authorities and employers both in design and their respective policies and programs to implement.

Should the provisions of this code at least consider. It is not intended to replace the laws, regulations or accepted standards laying down higher requirements. Priority should be stricter requirements applicable beyond the provisions of this code. In the absence of laws and regulations on national OSH particular issue, should draw guidance from the code of practice, as well as other relevant instruments are recognized nationally and internationally. 1.2.4. References to the institutions responsible for the delivery and award of vocational education the code. Such institutions are advised to review existing curricula in the light of the recommendations of the code for training and allocation of responsibilities at work.