The Casting Process of Part Structure

Casting Structure:

It refers to appearance , inner cavity, wall thickness, the connection form between the wall and the wall , strengthening rib, bead of the casting part,etc.

The casting process of part structure(manufacturability of casting structure), refers to casting structure design the above-mentioned whether use the most economical method to produce ability which is complied with the design requirement.

Requirements of part structure of casting properties.

The wall thickness of the casting part should be appropriate.

If too small,will be easy to produce defects such as misrun, old septal ,etc.

If too large: coarse grain, easy to produce defects such as the contraction cavities,shrinkage porosity ,etc.

casting partThe Casting Shape,

Should be conducive to reducing and simplifying surface of mold parting .

The number of sub type mold surface should be as little as possible

And should avoid the uneven parting surface as far as possible;

In order to facilitate modeling.

Inclination of Structure:Inclination of the parts structure itself

Purpose:Easy to get out appearance

Wall of Internal and external shall have corresponding inclination.

The passage above talks about casting process of part structure.

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