The Green Sand Casting Process

Green sand casting processGreen sand casting process is a complex production process with the characteristics of continuous industry process and discrete casting process. green sand casting process involves more than 40 procedures, the production department is composed of different procedures based on certain relations. The process from input of the raw material to the producing process of casting products is made up of different types of working procedure. Inputs of certain processing equipment, materials and energy complete each procedure. The process can directly generate carbon emissions.

So researchers can analyze the content of production processes about sand mold casting. Through the objects participated in the process, such as equipment, materials, energy, and the information about working condition, researchers can make a description about the state of the green sand casting process.

If researchers analyze the carbon emission in the green sand casting process from the perspective of life cycle, they should take more consideration to the impact on environment from all kinds of pollutants produced in the process. So they should take the energy and materials,which are needed in the pollutants disposal during the production process, as parts of the carbon emission in the green sand casting process. In this way , a more comprehensive calculation and analysis about the impact of the input and output during the process of the casting to the environment can be made thoroughly.