The Mold Preparation of Sand Metal Casting

1.Preparation the green sand: Sift the silica with fine metal mesh and blend with Bentonite clay in a large container. The mixture should be moist to the touch. Wetness test handful grabbing and squeezing the mixture. If water is that it is too wet and more silica should be added. If it crumbles so it is too dry and more clay should be added. The green sand is ready to use when you can squeeze and no water is visible and it can retain its shape without falling apart. Once it’s ready to run top of the container to seal it and prevent it from drying out.

2. Add the draw, the bottom part of the flask, on a hard surface.

3. Enter the middle model the drag and layout of the runners so that touches your model. Should be the model and secondly lay flat and be at least 1 inch from each side of the edge of the drag on. Sprinkle on powder separation. This makes it easier to remove after the green sand packed.

4. Lightly sprinkle the green sand mixture into the covering slowly pull the model and runner. Once completely covered the edges package using the rammer and then the top until completely compacted sand.

5. Carefully flip the pull in his side and tie up the deal. Spread more parting compound onto the surface.

6. Place the riser and pouring cup flask and green sand lightly spread into it.

7. When the sand completely covered the surface to remove the rammer to pack the sand again.

8. When the sand is compacted safely open the flask and carefully remove the tackle.

9. Remove the cup and riser pieces pouring out of the deal as well as the model system, runner and gating off the draw. Take care to remove everything carefully to ensure that you do not disturb the mold.

10. Use fine pain brush to remove any sand particles that have fallen into the molded areas. Gas vents can be placed using a very small file on the deal if necessary.

11. Attach the two pieces of the flask together. Your model is ready for use. Keep it covered while you are preparing the molten metal.