The Research of Blank Model Cast Parts

cast partThe early research in the field of manufacturing feature recognition is usually only consider the situation that all shape of cast parts and function structure form the final parts after many mechanical process starting from the raw materials.

But in reality many mechanical cast parts are composed of casting, welding and forging blank. Besides, the geometric shape of blank model and generation method have a significant impact on manufacturing process planning.

such as box-type cast parts, the geometry model of blank model is closely related to the geometric model of cast parts. When a component model design is completed, according to the nongeometrical information of the model, the parts which are forged by casting and which adopt mechanical processing or other processes would have been identified. Both the shape features and machining features depend on the initial blank model.

In fact, in the whole process from product design to manufacturing, when a product design model is identified, the the subsequent work after production should be understood as the inverse transformation from the design model to blank model. Therefore, how to reasonably converts part design model to blank model is a necessary question.

The technology of feature recognition and generation provides a technical basis for blank model transformed from cast parts design model. It expresses complete product information and contains rich semantic information, which is also the key technology of CAD/CAM integration.